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CW photo by John Shahabian. Click to see more ceramic mugs by artist Pat Hill of Davis, California.

Bike Racks by Gina Rossi
Bike Rack by Gina Rossi

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Distinctive Cup


After all is said and done there is one simple truth about coffee and it speaks for itself: The taste in the cup.

With three decades experience sourcing, roasting, tasting, and blending - one small batch at a time - more than a million pounds in all - we are proud to offer not one but several uniquely satisfying coffees in a handful of styles that have become our own.

Coffee Works style is embodied in our distinctive blends: Jump Start®, Sweetfire®, Dark Star, and Balthazar's. We start by seeking out coffees grown by farmers specializing in traditional "untechnified" farming methods: small scale family farmers, tree ripening, hand harvesting, sun-drying. We develop their natural handmade flavors with careful roasting and then layer them for the richest balance of flavors.

The result is something that's as unmistakable as it is indefinable. Take a sip and you'll know: "That's great coffee."


Distinctive Taste

Jump Start®

Chocolate Choo-choo

Jump Start Chocolate Choo-choo




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